Skincare Tips for Every Age

Making sure you age the way you want can be a battle! It’s a war that’s definitely worth winning though and the trick is to know your opposition.

The mistake many people make when it comes to ageing well is they don’t adapt as they age, whereas your enemy – time – is constantly causing changes, in how you feel and how you look.

At every decade we need to be aware of these changes. The skincare we use in our 40s is not suitable once we are in our 60s.  It might not require drastic changes, but you do need to adjust your regime.

A great bit of advice I was given once was that for every extra year after 40 we need an extra few minutes in front of the mirror.

This may sound daft but the truth of the matter is it obviously becomes harder work to look fresh and glowing as we get older.

Here is my go-to ‘age-perfect’ skincare regime:

Your 30s are all about defence; you want to stay looking younger for longer so you need to protect what you have from the key signs of ageing.

UV and pollution defence are key, so a moisturiser containing a 5-star UV protection including some antioxidants is key.

Reducing your refined sugar intake is another great idea as too much will speed up the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, invest in a decent eye cream, one that is light and easily absorbed to protect this delicate area from the appearance of crow’s feet.

In your 40s it’s all about preserving the collagen in your skin to maintain elasticity and protect against lines. High doses of vitamin C with lots of water will help protect it from the inside.

Meanwhile on the outside as skin ages it loses its oils so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Remove any astringent toners that can over dry your skin and replace them with Micellar water.

Try introducing a facial oil at night as this is a great way to boost your skin’s moisture levels.

Find a light cream or gel that contains peptides for around the eyes especially. Peptides are fragments of proteins, which help revitalise the building blocks of the skin.

Introduce a retinol (vitamin A) based night product, prized for their ability to promote cell turnover and thus diminishing fine lines. Look for retinyl palmitate in products which is a safer form of this product and ideal for sensitive skins.

50 year old woman great skin

In your 50s you will see a noticeable change in the firmness of the skin and a loss of elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid is a great product that helps bind to moisture in the skin and plump it up for added firmness and hydration.

Pigmentation can also change in this decade with the appearance of age spots and an uneven skin tone. Look for brightening creams that contain vitamin C to help brighten the skin.

Increase the strength of your nighttime retinol cream with a higher concentration or even a prescription option via a dermatologist.

Be careful in the sun when using higher doses of retinol as your skin will become more photosensitive as a result, so protect it from the sun!

60 plus great skin

In your 60s your skin is more fragile, less firm and may have an uneven texture.

Ceramides and amino acids build strength into your skin and help plump it up so search out products containing these.

Using an overnight restorative mask which will feed your skin the moisture and nutrients that your body is now slower to deliver, is now crucial.

Now is when to pay careful attention to your neck area too. When applying products be sure to brush in upward strokes to keep this skin from sagging further.

Understanding how your skin and body changes over time will help you target the signs of ageing so that you’ll win all the battles and not just one!

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