Bag the Best Black Friday Bargains

Black Friday is THE shopping day of the year to snap up the best deals ahead of Christmas and shop that must-have gift you’ve been saving up for.

black friday shopping

You absolutely don’t have to get crushed in unseemly supermarket stampedes though, when online deals and advance offers are so good.

Check out our top tips to get the most out of the day and to avoid disappointment (or being stood on):

Search Online Prior To The Day

Many retailers begin their sales online early to avoid a mad rush on an official day. This means you’ll be able to bag deals in the comfort of your own home, and will be able to search multiple stores to compare and shop the best deals all at once too.

Plan Ahead

If there’s something in particular that you’re after such as that ‘must-have’ Christmas toy, it’s definitely best to wait until Black Friday, before prices soar along with demand.

Worried about it selling out? Create an account on the website and add it to your wish list. This way you can shop it quickly and easily when the sales go live.

Sites can crash on Black Friday too, so adding products to your wishlist allows you to get in and out of the site as quickly as possible. Remember to set yourself a reminder on your phone so you can shop the sale as soon as it goes live as well.

You absolutely don’t have to get crushed in unseemly supermarket stampedes though, when online deals and advance offers are so good.

Sign Up To Brand Emails

You may find them annoying, but receiving brand emails really is one of the top ways to make sure you don’t miss out on that top deal!

They’re likely to let you know when the sale is live and what their best deals are too!

Make Lists

If you’re not shopping online, think about making a list of everything you want to buy and where you will be able to find it on the day, starting with the most wanted at the top.

There’s going to be deals everywhere, so it’s best to make a list of things to keep your mind focused on what you need before you treat yourself to other things.

Check Returns Policies

Make sure the store has a returns policy and you know when the return date is up. You want to make sure you can return a wrong or hasty buy as there’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a product you don’t or can’t use.

Remember – it’s only a bargain if you actually really wanted it.

Set Yourself A Budget

Though you may find some incredible deals, you don’t want to go overboard and leave your bank balance empty.

Look at the items you want to buy and work out a rough amount that you would be happy spending.

Check The Postage Prices

You may think you’ve found a brilliant bargain, but if you’re not careful you could be caught out with hefty postage fees, taking the price of the product right up to its original price!

Read The Reviews

If you’re not sure about a product you’re thinking of buying, particularly if it’s tech, it’s best to check out the reviews online before Black Friday.

That means you’re not getting caught out with a product that is a great price but isn’t worth it and will ultimately be a waste of your hard earned cash.

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